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Clean-Up and Maintenance





Our goal is to ensure that whatever time of year, your property is professionally maintained, and always remains attractive. This is a mutual reflection on you as well as us. We believe that a well maintained property speaks volumes about the image you project. Concurrently, it is a symbol of our professionalism and commitment to you, our customer.


Post Season Clean-Up

As a complement to our snow and ice management services, we are fully capable of performing not only post-winter clean up to get your property ready for spring; but fall clean up as well.


We offer a complete complement of landscape services. Whether it is design, installation or maintenance, we have the resources to always give your property the professional look that complements your property.

Parking Lot Sweeping

We offer sweeping services to ensure that your lots are always free and clear of all forms of debris. We make certain that all storm water drains are clean and clear to prevent flooding.

Vegetation Control

Our services include the vegetation control for utility substations, fuel storage facilities, pipeline valve and regulator sites, industrial storage areas, flood control dams, airport runways, lights and poles, highways, and virtually any other area where vegetation must be aggressively controlled for regulatory and safety reasons including visibility, site security, fire prevention and structural integrity.

Erosion Control

We incorporate Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for all erosion and sediment needs and requirements. Our services include the installation of compost filter sock and silt fence, hydro and compost seeding, slope and bank stabilization, and drainage control. We can coordinate a comprehensive installation and maintenance plan to ensure that you remain compliant.

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