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Who We Are


The mission of Alert Snow, a division of DirkThomas Design + Build, LLC, is to provide superior and uncompromised service in the field of advanced, all-terrain snow removal. While this mission is simple in concept, Alert Snow maintains an arsenal of resources as we are often called upon to provide a wide variety of additional on-site services.

Experience has taught us that preparation is paramount to success; and all-terrain snow removal is a perfect example of this philosophy. No two sites are the same, nor is any one site the same as before. Perhaps it’s a huge fallen oak across an access route, or a thick sheet of ice from a natural stream under several feet of snow; and of course, the terrain is almost never flat. 



Alert Snow was pioneered by a family owned and managed Father and Son Team. Cameron Dirk Derzack (Son) has a background in heavy machinery, construction and Emergency First Response. Anyone who has met Cameron has little difficulty in understanding that this very personable young man exudes confidence coupled with a superior customer focused work ethic.

Michael Thomas Derzack (Father) has a background that is in many ways totally opposite of Cameron’s. A biochemist turned MBA, Mike developed a logical and tactical approach to the advanced and all-terrain snow plow market. Also, Mike is an Emergency First Response Instructor, as well as a Master Scuba Diver Trainer.

Our Mission 


We at Alert Snow, value our relationship with you, our client above all else. We believe that ensuring the safety of your personnel is our prime concern. This directive allows for a well managed response to complete your site requirements.

We believe that we become an integral component of your team. Assisting you is much more than a job to us— we have a concerned interest in your success. You can count on the resources of Alert Snow being at your disposal 24/7/365.

We are always available to you to discuss your needs and plan for a successful response. Call Us Today, to discuss your potential or existing needs. We are ready, willing and able to meet with you to customize a plan specific to you!

AlertSnow "Top Ten"


Alert Snow is perpared.

As specialists in the All-Terrain Snow Removal environment, we know that conditions can vary dramatically with little or no warning. We plan and prepare for success, regardless of what Mother Nature can conjure up.


Alert Snow has no limits.

We pride ourselves on an unparalleled commitment to our customers needs. Whenever, Wherever, Whatever is our philosophy.


Alert Snow communicates.

We believe that a successful relationship is built upon a foundation of two-way communication. Together with our customers, we are a team with a common goal, leading to positive, long-term relationships.


Alert Snow is Licensed and Insured.

We are fully licensed and insured, providing our customers with a confidence in the quality and reliability of how we run our company.


Alert Snow cares about the environment.

We make every effort to leave the environment just as we left it—except for the snow and ice. We utilize environmentally friendly equipment and ice melting solutions designed to not harm your property.


Alert Snow is affordable.

We maintain a cost structure designed to solidify long lasting relationships. Our desire to provide a safe, convenient and practical snow and ice removal solution for our customers is designed to save on your bottom line.


Alert Snow is friendly and courteous.

We recognize that our business exists because of you. Our ability to develop and maintain a bond with our customers is one of the many things that differentiates us from other snow removal companies.


The Alert Snow Customer Promise.

You can count on us doing what we say we are going to do. When we say we’ll be there...we’ll be there. When we say we’ll get it done...we get it done.


The Alert Snow Follow-Up.

We are always looking for ways to improve. We consider your feedback essential to accomplish this. You will often hear from inform you of any unique conditions, to discuss impending weather concerns or just to let you know that you are good to go.


The Alert Snow Pledge.

We strive for excellence, in all we do. We want to be the best of the best. We commit with resolve to be the most elite snow removal specialists in the industry.

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