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Ice Management 

Reducing Costs

Increasing Efficiency 



No one solution for ice management fits all events, and there is a lot of science that Alert Snow considers. This can best be exemplified by considering the fact that common rock salt (sodium chloride) is ten times less effective at 20 degrees as it is at 30 degrees. It is for this reason that we incorporate magnesium and calcium chlorides to maximize ice management effectiveness.


We evaluate each event and determine the optimum concentrations of enhanced ice management components to get the maximum result. Known as the eutectic point, the point where a compound has the lowest melting point possible, every blend of ice melt is carefully formulated to be the best solution to get the best result for that specific storm event.



Liquid Application

Our ability to provide brine and enhanced brine alternatives for our clients is a huge advantage over traditional snow and ice management practices. We have the technology and resources to effectively manage surfaces before, during and after an event, which is light-years ahead of how it has traditionally been done.

Rock Salt Application

We recognize that there will always be a need to incorporate sodium chloride as a solid in any comprehensive snow and ice management plan; but what we do with rock salt is what differentiates us from our competition. Alert Snow has the capability to enhance this basic salt with other salts and acetates to maximize results. We can also pre-wet rock salt to not only increase its’ effectiveness at lower temperatures, but speed its’ reaction to start melting snow and ice faster.

Concrete and Environmentally Friendly

Alert Snow takes our environment very seriously. We consider it paramount to consider the effects of ice management products not only treated surfaces, but on non-treated (runoff) as well. It is for this reason that we consider using non-corrosive and environmentally products to have the least impact on the world we all share. We are also cognizant of the need to not over utilize ice melt products. Putting down more isn’t always better, not only environmentally but cost wise as well.

Bulk Sales

Alert Snow is fully capable of providing bulk salt and derivatives to support contractor requirements. Derivatives include salt and acetate blends in solid form, as well as brine and enhanced brine solutions. We also have readily available a full complement of palletized deicing products designed to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. We have the ability to customize blends as requested to optimize the best product for your needs.

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