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Our Approach

Developing our strategy, following our plan, and executing our tactics.


At Alert Snow, we are committed to providing you, our customer, with comprehensive and timely snow and ice management solutions. Our wide array of services includes snow plowing, sidewalk shoveling, snow removal, de-icing, snow excavation and snow relocation. The foundation of our snow and ice management process is initiated by effective communication with our clients. Each step in the process utilizes the most appropriate cutting edge equipment, practices, and products to provide you with the maximum benefit and value.

Service Process


The process begins with a thorough understanding your specific needs. Together, we then formulate a strategy and tailor tactics precisely to accomplish these requirements. This plan of action is translated into a detailed map of the property, outlining a complete understanding of the site from fire hydrants to snow piling locations, and everything in between. Our equipment, manpower and facilities are strategically positioned to deliver prompt service.


Long before the first snowflake falls, we are receiving customized weather warnings received from certified meteorologists. In conjunction with these reports, we are monitoring approaching storms on satellite radar to fine-tune our understanding of storm variables such as changes in intensity, temperature and duration. We then identify and implement the best snow removal tactics and assign the right equipment to the site. Throughout the course of the snow event, our central office maintains contact with our crews, providing you with storm and service updates.


As an event ends, we continue with maintenance and clean up of your specific property, making certain that every effort is made to provide a safe and completely accessible environment. We perform quality checks of your property devoting special attention to your specific requirements, all the while adhering to the highest standards of service. We evaluate every single snow event to implement any possible operational improvements. You are promptly informed about the services we have performed for you. You will receive our invoices within 48 hours after the snow event so as to provide you with real-time information of your snow maintenance expenditure.

Dedicatied Fleet Crew 

Our first line of communication comes in the form of weather warnings. These are emailed to you before each storm, so we can alert you that inclement weather is coming our way. We realize that each storm is different and there is a need to keep you informed of our efforts, we will continue to provide weather and operational updates throughout the storm, so you know what we’ve done and what we are about to do. These updates are vital, especially during lengthly storms.

Weather Monitoring 

No two winter storms are ever the same, nor is any one customer site. The length of the event, variable temperature, variable wind and drifting, intensity and amount of snowfall, the time of day, the day of the week change from event to event. Not only do we monitor approaching storms, but during the event we track all these variables to make certain that we can keep your business flowing by allocating flexible resources as necessary. We can also then determine the end of the storm to make certain that we are prepared to perform any clean up in a timely manner.

Site Inspection 

Our team, from top-to-bottom, is always responsible for inspecting the quality of work throughout a storm event to ensure 100% client satisfaction. We believe that every storm is a challenge, and that constant feedback and communication between our team and yours makes certain that no snowflake is left unturned.

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