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Snow Management 

Keep Your Customers

Safe from Snow & Ice



Alert Snow prides itself on its’ reputation for reliable, responsive service solutions – the first time, every time. This translates to the fact that we’ve got your best interests at heart. With this as a cornerstone of our operation, we’re controlling costs, maintaining your image, ensuring safety of your clients, employees and vendors, all the while streamlining operations. We handle our operations with the highest degree of professionalism, so you can focus on yours.


Alert Snow goes to work tracking incoming storm events 48 hours out, alerting and preparing our team of snow fighters and resources in advance so your property will be clear and safe.



Snow Plowing

Because most property owners and managers look at snow plowing as an occasional nuisance and not a daily maintenance issue, little time, if any, is allocated to finding the best way to manage ice and snow removal. That’s what we do! Leading an impressive fleet of trucks, loaders, and sidewalk crews, our we service from everything from wireless towers and gas well operations to corner lots and malls with, hundreds of acres of paved and unpaved surfaces to plow.


Sidewalk(s), Walkway(s), Entrance(s)

Alert Snow professionals can provide safe passage for all of your customers, employees and vendors by properly clearing sidewalks, ramps and walkways. The Alert Snow team has the manpower and tools to get the job done. Our staff can come armed with snow shovels, snow blowers, Ventrac sidewalk machines mounted with snowplows and power sweepers to clear the snow efficiently so that your walkways are safe.


All-Terrain and Emergency Response

Contained within our logo are the words “Advanced and All-Terrain Snow Removal”. You might be wondering why or how this relates to your business. Alert Snow began over a decade ago servicing a highly specialized niche market in the off-road environment. Our customers primarily are wireless tower, oil and gas well companies. Imagine the worst of possible conditions such as extreme howling weather, non-existent access roads clinging to mountainsides, zero visibility, complete darkness coupled with neck straining snow drifts. We take the expertise developed in these harshest of environments to service all of the commercial needs of our valued clients. Additionally, we specialize in emergency and disaster services. We are on call 24/7/365 to handle and coordinate logistics for any medical, structural or field emergency or disaster. When you hire Alert Snow, you know you are getting the best, and not settling for anything less!

Snow Hauling

Sometimes snow stacking isn't enough. If the snow piles up too high, there is a threat of another event, or there isn't enough safe places to relocate the snow on your own property, Alert Snow can haul the snow away. We’ll arrive quickly, work efficiently and remove that snow to an offsite location. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your environment is safe and prepared for any impending storm event.


Snow Stacking

Alert Snow will manage your property to ensure safe and efficient transit throughout your facility. We will tackle all the bothersome piles of snow on your property and relocate them to a more convenient area, such as the back corner of a parking lot. This will free up prime parking areas, walkways and traffic areas. With Alert Snow, you’ll be able to decide when and where your snow is stacked.

Ice Control

Alert Snow has developed a comprehensive plan of attack to ensure that the efforts to clear snow before, during and after an event are not diminished by allowing ice to form on surfaces. If traversing through snow can be considered by most as a nuisance, traveling over ice would be considered down right dangerous. We put safety first and foremost, and recognize that we have zero tolerance for ice.

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